See the many facets of your data in all its splendor.

Cyprion LLC

A consulting  firm dedicated to helping our clients to attain full knowledge of their data, ability to exploit their data, and ease in sharing their data.  All for the  purpose enhancing the performance and function of their business. Especially, in the ways that matter to their decision makers, strategic partners, vendors, and customers.

Cyprion LLC advises clients on all things data. From increasing departmental data literacy to properly staffing data projects, data gathering to knowledge management, project planning to cost estimation, IT portfolio management to organizational data governance,  data modeling to full scale data architecture, and from descriptive to prescriptive analytics. 

We're not that big. Do we really need a cloud-based solutions?

That depends on the audience - present and  future - for your data, how you'd like to spend your budget, and how you and all parties involved have agreed to communicate information... 

So is it a business glossary, data dictionary, or data catalog?

Recently, one of our client's in the DoD space reached out asking for assistance with crafting an approach to creating a data catalog for their portfolio of software applications.

What is a Data Fabric? And why does my organization need one?

So now that Data has finally gone mainstream.  A lot of new words are being thrown around and one we are hearing a lot at Cyprion is Data Fabric.  The hype is heralding the concepts of Data Fabrics as the proverbial Stovepipe application killer.

How do I keep my organization from funding new projects for data we already have?

Questions like this often indicate an organizations that is suffering from poor data governance or the lack of it altogether.  Moving an organization to full data literacy and to the ability ...